Working Mom Realities at TheMamaBee

by cv harquail on May 14, 2010

For the small segment of the world who uses Twitter, Fridays are special days, full of treats.

#FollowFriday (or #ff, for short) is a day when folks will tweet to recommend someone to follow… and it’s a great way to discover new resources and find new voices.


Since most AuPairMom readers, like most Americans, aren’t using Twitter, few of you would see my #FollowFriday recommendations, so I want to offer a one here — especially because today, her post features the ‘true day in the life’ of an AuPair Mom!

And, there are other reasons to keep an eye on TheMamaBee —  she writes clearly, insightfully, and persuasively from a feminist perspective, about issues facing working moms everywhere (working moms like so many of you).  She completely “gets it” — She recently had her second baby, who she’s breastfeeding, and she’s just started back at her full time job again. (Remember those days? Did they go by in a blur?)

Although I don’t always agree with TheMamaBee‘s stand on some issues (like whether or not there should be quotas for women on corporate boards), I always feel like I’ve learned something important after reading a post on her blog. What’s more, she often writes what I wish I were writing, if I weren’t writing what I already write.

I should note, TheMamaBee is a pal of mine. Because I had to consider whether I love her blog b/c of who she is or b/c of what she writes, I can tell your that I recommend her for both reasons.

Add TheMamaBee to your reading list!  You can find TheMamaBee here, and keep up with her by using your bookmarks, your RSS reader, or my personal favorite because it’s so easy– her email newsletter.

If you use Twitter, Follow @TheMamaBee and follow @AuPairMom too.

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