Au Pair Appreciation: Help some host families strengthen their au pair relationships

by cv harquail on May 5, 2009

As International APAW continues, you might be looking for another quick, easy and helpful way to show not only that you appreciate your au pair, but also that you appreciate the challenges and the responsibility of being a great host family.

So here’s another suggestion for appreciating au pairs and host families that is easy to implement… Show that you appreciate your Au Pair by sharing with three other host families.

How does telling other host families about AuPairMom show that you appreciate your Au Pair?

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If you appreciate your au pair, it’s due in part to you recognizing

(1) how hard it can be to be to establish and maintain a good au pair-host family relationship, and
(2) how great it can be when your au pair relationship is working out well for everyone involved.

As a participant here at AuPairMom, you know first hand how helpful and supportive the other parents on this blog can be. You’ve probably even offered advice yourself!

You might be able to help another host family get the advice they need to strengthen their au pair-host family relationship by introducing them to this blog. Invite a few host families to participate in our conversations.

All you have to do is email them & say:

We’ve been enjoying the conversation on that au pair host parent blog, As part of Au Pair Appreciation Week, we want to invite you to come and share your questions, advice and insights. Just click on this link to get to!

(Extra bonus points if you send the email to an LCC or to your cluster.)

Let’s appreciate our au pairs by sharing our insights with other host families.

Remember, too, we still want your photos, comments, stories, etc. to share what you appreciate about your au pair!

Painting by Cathy Nichols, for sale on Etsy. I really love her images…don’t you?

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