Traveling with Kids: Book to investigate

by cv harquail on June 20, 2009

Strolling across the interweb this morning, I came across this review of a book about traveling with kids … and it looks like the kind of information Au Pair host parents might be interested in.


Many of us choose to have Au Pairs over US college student live-ins, or other caregivers, because we’d like to expose our children to new cultures and help them become citizens of the world. The authors of this book, along with Dr. Jesse Voights who wrote the review and all the folks on the Wandering Educators site, have ideas on how to do this ‘on the go’. Also, the book has plain ‘ole good advice about traveling with kids (something most of us to anyway, either in the US or outside).

Here’s a tidbit of Voights’ review… checkout the rest, maybe even the book too.

"Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids! … is full of excellent ideas – and REAL LIFE stories from many moms that have traveled with their kids, be it around the world or around their state.

When I first opened the book, I was intrigued by the Table of Contents. Yes, I am one who reads that (and then a bibliography, if included) first. From talking about Why Travel with Children to Learning before you go, flight plans, friends and family, getting around, pack it up, health and safety, responsible travel, and more – this book is jam-packed with incredibly useful information for family travel.

One of my favorite parts of the book is Meeting the Locals – from ideas about spending time with a local family to language, organized meetings or camps, bringing gifts from home, or volunteer work, this section has all the makings to help your child become a true intercultural traveler! Another excellent resource is the extensive packing list for traveling with kids of all ages. I hadn’t thought about many of the items on the lists – and am very grateful for it!

There are also:
*creative ideas for grand adventures with kids
*proven packing tips and advice for dealing with kid gear
*suggestions for dealing with your child’s emotional needs while traveling
*useful information about getting around and where to stay
*personal anecdotes and advice from more than 40 family travelers
*listings for more than 200 essential websites

Truly, this is THE BEST book I’ve seen about traveling with kids. Hopefully it will inspire more families to explore the world, become global citizens, and learn that there are great adventures, friends, and learning anywhere!"

Now, if someone would only hand me 5 RT tickets to Italy, Sweden, South Africa, anywhere… I’d be happy to test out the advice. You too?


Rayann June 20, 2009 at 8:48 pm

There’s another very funny one out there called “How to Fit a Carseat on a Camel”. It isn’t a practical one, just very funny.

Jeana June 20, 2009 at 10:37 pm

Thanks for the information! Travel is the best form of education, I believe. I work with students from all other the world, and believe that we don’t begin to examine our own culture until we’re rubbing bellies with another culture. My daughters were both born in China, so I’ve been so happy to host two Chinese aupairs. I’ll be eligible for retirement in several years, and hope to teach internationally, after I retire from my current position. I’m trying to prepare my daughters for the changes we’ll all experience. I’ll be checking out this resource!

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