Finding an Infant Qualified Au Pair Who Can Manage Twins

by cv harquail July 5, 2017

NowWeAreThree HostMom thought she had the whole family ready for twins, with her mom coming to stay for an entire year to help with childcare (what a mom!).  Sadly, her father got unexpectedly sick, so her mom can no longer come. This mom’s got to find a new childcare plan. What questions would you ask, and what […]

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On Duty or Off Duty: There is no third choice. Or is there?

by cv harquail December 29, 2012

ON Duty or OFF Duty. There are only two choices for the hours on your au pair’s schedule. Host parents that try to establish a third choice, where an au pair is neither on duty nor off duty, are starting down the slippery slope of “taking advantage” of an au pair. ON Duty = Paid […]

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Au Pairs and “Twins and a Toddler”

by cv harquail February 4, 2011

Hello, HostDad in NJ here looking for some advice from the group– We’ve had an Au Pair since our daughter was 3 months old and have loved it. We are now in our 7th month with our second Au Pair who is an absolute rock star. Anyway, we are expecting twins (yeah!/OMG now what?) in […]

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