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Finding an Infant Qualified Au Pair Who Can Manage Twins

by cv harquail July 5, 2017

NowWeAreThree HostMom thought she had the whole family ready for twins, with her mom coming to stay for an entire year to help with childcare (what a mom!).  Sadly, her father got unexpectedly sick, so her mom can no longer come. This mom’s got to find a new childcare plan. What questions would you ask, and what […]

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New Pregnancy Plus Mediocre Au Pair — How to adjust?

by cv harquail May 24, 2016

Here’s a tweak on the now-classic:  “Mediocre Au Pair, Should We Rematch?” question…. Dear AuPairMom ~~     We have had our 2nd AP for about 4 months, and she is the definition of mediocre. To be objective, she is a good driver and our toddler likes her. However, her English is very, very bad (I […]

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Family Handbook Ideas for Au Pairs Caring For Infants

by cv harquail June 25, 2014

Caring for an infant, especially when the parents are brand-new to parenting, can pose special challenges for an Au Pair. Au Pairs in these situations will already be ‘infant-qualified’  — meaning that they’ve had direct experience with infants and will know how to do all the basics.  But because parents are still feeling their way […]

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Is There a Sensible Way Around “Infant Care” Restrictions?

by cv harquail September 14, 2013

This question is a great one for Local Counselors to answer– have you had experience with this issue? Dear Au Pair Moms  ~~   We have found a prospective au pair who is just great and seem like she would fit perfectly into our family. She has been in the USA with another family and […]

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