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My Host Family’s House is Smelly. What should I do?

by cv harquail September 10, 2014
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Everyone’s house has a smell. Sometimes it’s “dog”, sometimes it’s “curry” and sometimes it’s just “ick”. We don’t usually notice the everyday smell of our own home because we’re accustomed to it. But when our au pairs walk in for the first time, they notice because the smell is new to them. Over time, they […]

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What To Do About Au Pair Bath Towels: Folks want to know (Poll)

by cv harquail September 28, 2012

Dear Au Pair Mom- What do you think about towels. Should I get my au pair her own personal set of towels? I expect to provide towels for our APs, but so far both of our au pairs have gone out and bought their own. I’d told both au pairs not to bring towels from […]

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Please Turn Down the TV — Reasonable or Rude?

by cv harquail December 6, 2011

We host parents often find ourselves wishing that our au pairs could just *tell us* when something is bothering them. We can only address things we know about– and if something is wrong and you keep quiet about it, the problem keeps simmering. This is true with bigger issues (too much texting) and smallish issues […]

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Au Pair Advice: She’s using *my* coffee mug!

by cv harquail March 17, 2010

We host parents can be a weird bunch. The kinds of things that drive us crazy… no wonder it can be hard for au pairs to get adjusted! Over the weekend I heard a crazy lament that I want to share with you. My friend has a new au pair, who’s been with them about […]

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