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Finding an Au Pair: Too Much Detail in Our Host Family Letter?

by cv harquail January 3, 2017
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When it comes to writing the materials you use to find and match with an Au Pair, I’m all for being comprehensive. I’d much rather lay it all out for a candidate (and for myself) so that s/he can make an informed choice about whether or not to pursue an interview with us. I’d prefer […]

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Finding an Au Pair for a Situation That’s Not a Cakewalk

by cv harquail August 13, 2015

Host Mom Dorsi writes what she claims is a rant… but what we know is simply the reality. It can be hard to get responses from Au Pairs when the situation you’re offering doesn’t look relatively easy.  We are in the early search for a new AP. I have contacted 8 candidates from one agency […]

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An Easy Way To Find Which Au Pair Agencies Serve Your Area

by cv harquail February 12, 2015

Here’s a great question from NorthWestHostMom: What’s an easy way to find out which Au Pair Agencies serve my geographic area?   Other than calling each and every Agency, is there a simple way to identify my options? This is a not only a common question asked by potential host parents — Current host families that […]

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Revealing Your “Special Needs” During the Matching Process

by cv harquail February 17, 2012

When is the best time to discuss with a prospective au pair candidate that a host child has special needs? When your child has special needs, you need to be sure in advance that your au pair is up for the challenge. Many au pair candidates will indicate on their applications that they are open […]

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If you were an Au Pair: Agency or Website?

by cv harquail May 18, 2009
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On the heels of our conversation about whether or not we as host families prefer agencies or websites to find our au pairs , comes an email from a potential au pair on the same topic: Next year I plan to get experience as an Aupair. I’m from Australia, and it has been very hard […]

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