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When You Give and Give, and Your Au Pair is Oblivious

by cv harquail May 13, 2017

Dear Au Pair Host Parents– I need advice/support …. Our awesome au pair went in to an emergency medical situation a couple of weeks ago, where she came down with a stomach pain, which turned into appendicitis, and later a ruptured appendix. All told it was 5 nights in the hospital, and 10 days off the […]

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What if an Au Pair Doesn’t Want To Take Antibiotics– and we’re all sick!

by cv harquail February 23, 2015
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HostMomX raised this concern in the comments on the post about Dr. Host Dad and his Vitamin B injections: This situation brings up a related issue that HD and I have wondered about. We have had several APs tell us that they are very anti antibiotic, and won’t take them. I understand that attitude – I […]

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Does Your Au Pair Get Paid A Stipend When S/he’s Sick?

by cv harquail January 26, 2015
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 When your au pair gets sick for more than a few days, questions about substitute childcare, sick days, and additional costs can put pressure on the balancing act between “part of the family” and “employee”. Every family needs a backup plan for the occasional day or two (or three) when an Au Pair is laid […]

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We Can’t Afford Alternative Childcare While Our Au Pair’s Broken Arm Mends. What to do?

by cv harquail February 16, 2014

Dear AuPairMoms— Could we re-open a topic from August 2012 on what to do when an au pair breaks a bone,  is in a cast and can’t drive? In that situation the au pair only had three weeks left, and the comments in large part were geared toward that scenario — mine’s a bit different. […]

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Should I let my Au Pair drive with her arm in a cast?

by cv harquail August 26, 2012

Quick Answer? No. More details? Here’s the specific situation: I have been a subscriber for years and have found your blog very helpful. Now I need some specific – and timely – advice. My au pair broke her right arm (she is right-handed). Should I let her drive? Can she drive the children? She has […]

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