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Au Pairs, Don’t Even THINK About Driving For Uber

by cv harquail January 18, 2017

When I saw the first mention of this in the comments several weeks ago, I was surprised. Au Pairs driving the Host Family car as a second job? What Au Pair would even presume s/he could use the Host Parents car to drive on off-duty hours to earn some extra money? With the Host Parents’ car?  […]

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Car Insurance for Your Au Pair: What do you pay? (Survey)

by cv harquail February 5, 2016
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Please join us in finding the best deals by adding your car insurance info to our Google Spreadsheet at this link: Au Pair Mom Car Insurance Survey  . 

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Don’t Be Afraid To Rematch If Your Au Pair Can’t Drive

by cv harquail December 11, 2015
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I truly appreciate Host Parents who are reluctant to rematch when their Au Pair isn’t “perfect”.   I appreciate Host Parents who are willing to “work it out”, who are willing to reset their expectations, and who are willing to celebrate what an Au Pair *has* rather than worry about what an Au Pair is […]

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Au Pair DUI: Rematch or not?

by cv harquail November 30, 2015

The answer to this one is pretty clear to me, even though I’m not the host parent who’d have to find and train a new au pair right in time for the Holidays: Writes HostMomWithCarTrouble: Would you rematch if your Au Pair got a DUI? It was our car. The kids were not in the […]

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Au Pair Asks: Should I offer to rematch to solve a driving problem?

by cv harquail March 24, 2015
au pair, driving problems, liscence

Hi Au Pair Mom, I am currently an Au Pair on the East Coast. I arrived in Jan 2014 and extended another 6 months. Everything is amazing and we have had no issues in the time I have been here. But now a pretty big problem has arisen and I dont know what to do. […]

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Dead End: When you need an Au Pair to drive, but your Au Pair can’t

by cv harquail August 31, 2013
dead end

When you read the email, below, you’ll think the challenge is about the au pair not being able to drive. And not being able to learn. And really needing an au pair who can drive. And deciding to drive her back and forth to her evening class. And more. Really? If the problem really were […]

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Who Pays For the Au Pair’s Car Insurance?

by cv harquail February 24, 2012

You do. Car insurance is one of the many ‘other’ costs that host parents incur when they have an au pair. Host parents who need the au pair to drive a car as part of his or her work duties obviously pay for the car insurance, just as they pay for the gas and for […]

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Managing Au Pair Transportation in the ‘Burbs: Ideas for this Host Mom?

by cv harquail August 27, 2010

Our previous two posts, Providing Your Au Pair With Safe, Affordable, Convenient Transportation , and Don’t Abuse A Cluster Taxi have been set-ups for this next question, from SanJoseMom. SanJoseMom is a first-time host parent and trying to organize her expectations and establish a foundation for a successful au pair year. Hi AuPairMom – I […]

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