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Latest Salvo in Campaign to Shut Down USA’s Au Pair Program

by cv harquail March 24, 2017

Host Parent Clients of Au Pair In America received a distressing letter from the Agency this week, sharing information about the ongoing legal action against all 15 of the approved Au Pair Agencies in the USA. The letter updates parents on the current status of the suit filed by lawyers from Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP, […]

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Interviewing Rematch Au Pairs? Check Their References

by cv harquail March 7, 2016

The Rematch / Transition Process makes everyone tense.   Au Pairs want to find a better situation but worry that host families will assume that rematch was their fault. Host Families want to find an in-country au pair who’ll fit better with their family, but want to avoid taking on some other family’s “reject”. Agencies […]

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Which Au Pair Agencies are the Best to Work For?, asks future LCC

by cv harquail February 8, 2016

What do Au Pair Agencies feel like from the inside? I know that I was delighted when I got to meet the folks at InterExchange face to face — it was clear that they genuinely care about the experiences of their Au Pairs and Host Families.  It seems like people there enjoyed their jobs and […]

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Can You Recommend Trustworthy Agencies for US Au Pairs Going Abroad?

by cv harquail January 27, 2016

Any reader of this blog knows — an Au Pair Agency becomes an important support for a young person coming to the USA. The Agency screens Host Parents, manages all the Au Pair’s training and travel, and is the first place to turn in any kind of relationship, health, or other emergency. What happens, though, […]

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How Should Au Pair Host Parents Respond to Charges Against the Au Pair Program?

by cv harquail March 23, 2015

While I was away last week, a very disturbing post hit the Washington Post Wonkblog, where the title shares its central claim: “Au pairs provide cheap childcare. Maybe illegally cheap.” In the post, the author describes a class action lawsuit being brought against US Au Pair Agencies by a Colorado group called Towards Justice, on behalf of […]

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An Easy Way To Find Which Au Pair Agencies Serve Your Area

by cv harquail February 12, 2015

Here’s a great question from NorthWestHostMom: What’s an easy way to find out which Au Pair Agencies serve my geographic area?   Other than calling each and every Agency, is there a simple way to identify my options? This is a not only a common question asked by potential host parents — Current host families that […]

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How to Switch Au Pair Agencies, Gracefully

by cv harquail October 16, 2014

Host Families choose their particular Au Pair Agency for all sorts of reasons. They might choose the agency their neighbors use, the agency that has the best promotional deal, or even the agency that has a name they can spell correctly when they are googling in the middle of the night having been awakened again by […]

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Do Au Pair Agencies Really Rematch Au Pairs Who’ve Violated Safety Rules?

by cv harquail December 30, 2013

When it comes to host parents asking for a rematch, there are many grey areas. Whose fault was the problem? Did the parties try hard enough to fix things? Is the issue worth rematching over? We can debate these questions in almost every case. Except one– when an au pair violates a safety rule. If […]

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Should Au Pair Agency Contracts Have a “Flame Out — Opt Out” Clause?

by cv harquail November 5, 2012
hang in there unicorn.jpeg

Host Families can easily get screwed when the au pair that they match with is so bad s/he can’t or won’t make it through the initial two weeks. When an au pair/ host family relationship breaks, there is an emotional and financial cost to everyone involved. Au Pair Agency procedures are designed to push au […]

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How well do different Au Pair Agencies oversee “the rules”?

by cv harquail September 11, 2011

When it comes to following the rules and regulations of the Au Pair Program, how much oversight do different agencies actually provide? Inquiring minds want to know, since these rules are there to protect all the parties in the Au Pair – Host Family relationship. There are three areas where legal ‘oversight’ is necessary: 1. […]

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