Au Pair Guidelines From My Handbook

Here is a sample of what you might use as “Au Pair Guidelines”

Feel free to cut & paste, add, revise, whatever, to make these guidelines fit with your family practices and priorities.  Yes, I know, you can tell that I am a bit Type A. Yes, we have guidelines for just about everything. But, we’re not into rules for rules’ sake. Behind every rule is a reason. And,  Behind every guideline is a principle related to having a good AP-HM relationship. Occasionally, when we post about a particular guideline, we’ll do our best to make that principle explicit.

If you come up with some good guidelines, or if you disagree with some of ours,  please add them to the Comments section!
(Note: It is easy to personalize these guidelines…Do an edit/replace for Child1, Child2, Mom, & Dad.)

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