Reminder: Au Pair Appreciation Week… send in your appreciation!

by cv harquail on April 29, 2009

Moms and Dads — Only 3 days 1 day to go until the start of Au Pair Appreciation Week!

I’m really excited about it, except for one thing:Abby Lanes.jpeg

So far, I haven’t received *any* I have received ONLY 3 stories, sentences or photos to post during the week. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I’ve had 9 great au pairs myself, I can’t fill the week with my appreciations alone, and besides, we really want to hear about what YOUR au pair has done that has meant a lot to YOU.

So, just as a reminder, here are the details:

1. Tell us a story about something that your au pair did for you, your kids, your family, or anyone else. Enjoy the opportunity to tell us as much as you want, however you want to, anywhere between 50 and 500 words. Depending on how many stories we receive, I’ll either set them up as one big post, or unfold a series of happy stories over the course of APAW.

2. Share just one characteristic, action or vignette, but this time in the short form. You can have more that the 140 characters of twitter, but you can make it as short as a paragraph sentence!!!

3. Send in a photo, with a brief caption.

All of the fine print about Au Pair Appreciation Week is here .
Don’t delay, send an appreciation right away!


PA Mom April 30, 2009 at 7:44 pm

Our last AP is from Stockholm, Sweden. Her mother sent her 3 Swedish white ‘nightgown’ style dresses, electric “crowns” and bulbs so that she could celebrate St. Lucia Day for our benefit in December 2008. She baked sweet rolls flavored with saffron, taught our daughters to sing in Swedish a very sweet song, and woke herself and them early enough to dress and get ready with coffee. She carried the tray filled with rolls and coffee up the stairs with the girls in front of her all singing “Santa Lucia, . . .” and gave us one of the more magical mornings of the year. I cannot tell you how they all looked in the darkness with their long white dresses, silver garland belts and crowns and the lights glowing. It was beyond description and very special. There are many moments like that that have come over the years of having Au Pairs in our home. Some little, some bigger, but each filed in my memory and the memories of our children. Every once in a while – one of them pops to the surface to be shared again in a story. Like the time we had a MidSommar Party and all the dads did the Swedish frog song and dance around that May Pole looking thing my husband and Au Pairs built . . . but that’s another story.

Jillian April 30, 2009 at 11:17 pm

Our AP is so great for so many reasons. I have to agree with the ladies above me that the cultural knowledge she’s sharing with my children is, I think, such a gift that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. She brought books and postcards to the kids from her home country, we framed the postcards and put them in each of the kids’ rooms alongside a picture with her.

We’ve let our kids paint the walls of their play room with each AP and it has been so much fun for everyone. Now whenever they play they’re surrounded by colorful memories they made with APs from around the world!

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