Can Foster Parents Host Au Pairs?

by cv harquail December 31, 2016

Over the transom comes a very rare email — one with a question we’ve never addressed before!  Good way to start things up again, methinks. A Foster Mom writes: I was recently told by an agency that they are unable to work with our family because we are foster parents. We feel discriminated against. Is […]

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Intervene, or Not? Our Rematched Au Pair is Misrepresenting Herself to Potential Host Parents

by cv harquail December 13, 2016

We always, always recommend that Host Parents get current references when they consider rematch candidates.  This Host Mom’s situation explains why. Dear Au Pair Mom —  I’ve trying to figure out whether, and how, to interfere in a situation that I’m sure will become a problem. Our first Au Pair was a epic fail.   […]

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Au Pair Scam: Latest Example

by cv harquail December 13, 2016

Hi Folks– Ever wonder what “Au Pair Scams” look like?  We remind Au Pair candidates to never, ever send anyone money to secure their place as an Au Pair, after only exchanging emails.   While many international recruiters/ au pair agencies will place ads and send emails to find potential au pair candidates, NO REPUTABLE […]

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I Want To Marry Your Au Pair. Do You Mind?

by cv harquail November 29, 2016

I love, love, love romantic stories. Especially when I have some inside scoop. Though I have no idea who the fellow is who emailed with this question, I’m only posting it on the condition that we get THE REST OF THE STORY and at least a photo of the happy couple. But first, Romeo needs […]

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Our New Au Pair is Too Quiet: She Hardly Says A Word

by cv harquail November 28, 2016

We’re enjoying a visit from one of our former Au Pairs, and a friend of hers.  Although both of them speak English well, I’m aware once again of how challenging it can be to interact across language differences, as well as cultural differences, and even family norms. With communication challenges, I always prefer it when […]

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When Your Au Pair Lies About Mileage on the Car

by cv harquail November 14, 2016

Sorry for the long lapse in posting…I’m still recovering.   To nudge me (and you?) back into the challenges of Host Parenting, here’s an email about a problem that we faced with our Au Pair too.    It was especially disappointing — and surprising — since this happened with perhaps our most mature, measured, and […]

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First Time Host Mom Wonders: Are her Au Pair expectations realistic?

by cv harquail November 7, 2016

A new Host Mom writes to share her frustration – and concern- about an Au Pair who doesn’t quite seem to fit. Are the mom’s expectations too high, she wonders? Or, Does she just have an Au Pair who needs (even) more direction and motivation? I’d like to think that I asked all the right […]

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What’s the Real Ratio of Good Au Pair Experiences to Bad Au Pair Experiences?

by cv harquail November 3, 2016

Something I really don’t understand about the larger cultural conversation about Au Pairs is how negatively the Au Pairing experience is portrayed.  The Au Pairing experience is too often presented as being “bad” — where Host Families are demanding, irrational, and/or punitive, and Au Pairs are beleaguered, exploited, and powerless. Meanwhile, here on the AuPairMom […]

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Do Bad Host Families Get Blacklisted By Au Pair Agencies?

by cv harquail October 23, 2016

How might Agencies keep bad Host Families from cycling from one Agency to the next, without getting removed from the program entirely? We worry not only about bad Au Pairs getting recycled though the system, but also about rematch Host Families getting one chance after another to strike out with an Au Pair. It should […]

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How To Share Information About Rematch Au Pairs, When the Agency Won’t

by cv harquail October 18, 2016

We all believe that Au Pair Agencies should be as transparent as possible about what sends Au Pairs and Host Families into rematch. We don’t want to recycle problem Au Pairs and problem Host Families, hoping that they can make some kind of barely adequate rematch that avoids anything illegal or unsafe, just so they […]

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