New Babies and Au Pairs: A Series

by cv harquail on July 12, 2010

When a new baby joins your family, lots and lots of things change… and all these changes can affect your au pair. Coming up is a short series of posts on New Babies and Au Pairs, where we can share ideas about how to welcome the new baby (or babies) and also how to welcome the changes that these new lives bring.


So far, I’m planning these posts:

  1. Having another baby? How to tell your au pair.
  2. What should your Au Pair expect when you are expecting?
  3. The First Three Months, when the infant is here but your Au Pair is not in charge
  4. Transitioning your Au Pair to baby care

I’ll be unfolding these posts over the next two weeks or so.

Now that you know what to expect (at least in terms of upcoming posts) you can plan to share your insights in the specific post.

If you have ideas for what I should include in posts about these topics, if you’d like to suggest an additional topic, and / or if you’d like to write one of these posts as a guest poster, please email me at mom at au pair mom dot com.

Twins are home from bambibabe48


JBLV July 12, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Any advice in this arena would be wonderful. I’m expecting my second in Nov., and after maternity and then paternity leave, our au pair will be on her own (so-to-speak), and I’m nervous!

StephinBoston July 12, 2010 at 9:00 pm

Advice welcomed here too, I have had an au pair take care of my second child (and my first at the same time) and she did a fabulous job. I have not yet experienced being home with baby while AP is taking care of the other children, that could be interesting.

I’m also trying to decide when I’ll return to work and what my schedule will be so insight there would be great too. BTW, I work from home and travel a maximum of 1 time per month for short trips.

DC host mom February 19, 2011 at 6:42 pm

Did you ever post these new baby posts? I’d LOVE to see them Thanks!

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