Most Engaging Posts of 2010 on Au Pair Mom (part 2)

by cv harquail on January 21, 2011

You asked, and here they are:

The 11 to 20th most engaging posts of 2010!

11. Au Pair Asks: When Host Kids Are Mean (86)

12. Au Pair Abruptly Quits, then wants to come back to see kids. Really? (poll) (85)

13. Can an Au Pair be happy without driving privileges? (80)3049004079_059ddd6a08_m.jpg

14. Au Pair Community Counselors: Conflicts of interest? (78)

15. Do Au Pairs have to pay income tax? (78)

16. What’s the most “American” thing you’ve had to explain to your au pair? (78)

17. When your Au Pair confides in you … about something awful (77)

18. Scheduling Your Au Pair: The Half Day (75)

19. Are you really ready to be a Host Parent? The Host Parent Readiness Test (74)

20. Scheduling Your Au Pair: Naptime, Mealtime and Meaningful Breaks (73)

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