Help me find our 100th Host Mom subscriber!

by cv harquail on September 11, 2008

Hi Host Moms-

Will you help me find our 100th Host Mom subscriber?

So far, we have a great group of host moms reading AuPairMom. Several of you have commented, sent questions, and helped to focus the conversation. But, I think we still need a bunch more moms to really get things rolling…I’m hoping that if we can get the subscribers up to 100 Host Moms , we’ll have all the energy we need to sustain a lively & helpful conversation.  Plus, sooner or later you’re going to get tired of my opinions and want to hear from more Host Moms…random happy women                                 

I’m ready to offer a small prize to both the 100th subscriber AND the Host Mom that refers her to the site!

How can you help me find more Host Moms?

You probably already know some Moms (and Dads) who have Au Pairs or who are thinking about having an Au Pair… and probably a friend who could really use an Au Pair. Send them an email and invite them to visit here!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Send an email to any Host Moms you know, telling them about AuPairMom and inviting them to check it out.
  • ‘CC me ( at Mom”at” so that I know who sent emails to whom. [My husband reminds me to tell you that I will not spam your contacts.]
  • Cross your fingers and wait to see who’s #100!

group of moms To help you out, I will:

  • Offer a draft of an email invitation, with all the pertinent info (see below)
  • Add an invitation banner to the top of the blog asking folks to subscribe
  • Try to write some funny & helpful posts for the next few weeks
  • Write about any crazy story, any pressing question, or any insight that you suggest to me
  • Keep you updated as the numbers climb mom 40th

=> Check out the draft email, at the end of the post, for a starting place.

=> Also, let me know if you think of other ways I can find more subscribers! (Have you figured out yet that I’m  making this up as I go along? Ideas welcomed!)

Oh, and about the prize– a copy of one of my favorite mom or parenting books (see the amazon widget on the right)!
(It’s a small prize since this blog is, as you know, not a profit-making gig. But you’ll like it.)

Thanks for helping and here’s to the 100th Host Mom!

CV, the mom”at”

p.s. photos are of random, happy women I found by Googling “happy moms”

 Dorky yet adequate draft of an email to send to friends:

“I want you to check out a blog that I think will interest you:  It’s a blog of advice, insights, tools and support for Host Moms who want to have a great relationship with their au pairs. Check out the site, skim a few of the posts, and see if the conversation interests you. If it does, you can sign up for an email newsletter that will arrive in your mailbox whenever the blog is updated. It’s easy to sign up and it’s easy to unsubscribe too. Come check it out: “


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Anna December 11, 2008 at 10:33 pm

I’ve already showed your blog to one hostmom, I can refer a couple of more. Has the price already been claimed? :)

cvh December 12, 2008 at 2:22 am

Anna– Thanks so much– so far, we’ve only gotten up to 47 subscribers (reflecting my lack of marketing, right?). So, there’s still lots of time/space/opportunity!

Sherina December 9, 2009 at 5:58 pm

Hi there, host mom in Ireland here and just want to say thank you so much or “go raibh maith agat” for all the advice I’ve recieved from this site – it travels very well.

CV December 9, 2009 at 6:25 pm

Hi Sherina-
Thanks for your note– I know that there are a lot of non-US readers of the blog, and I often wonder how useful our conversations are to host families with different regulations and program structures… so it’s good to hear that you’re finding some good insights from these host parents!

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