Finding Good Au Pair Candidates: Best Practices for each system

by cv harquail on July 21, 2009

How about we sort out our advice to each other, based on the kind of system that our agencies/sites use? I’ve set up 3 posts, one each for:

Happiness is Pretty Pink Yarn and a Purring Cat.... on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1231093077702.jpeg Finding Good Au Pair Candidates 1: Best Practices for the "1 at a time" system

Finding Good Au Pair Candidates 2: Best Practices for the "they give me a group to look at" system

Finding Good Au Pair Candidates 3: Best Practices for the "Searching their whole data base" system

This way, we can target our recommendations. Where to put comparisions and preferences? I’m not sure, so just add them along with your comments!

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