Au Pair Appreciation: Rescues Trapped Hamster!

by cv harquail on February 8, 2014

There are some Au Pair Appreciation stories that we could never anticipate, not in a million aupairyears.

Such as this story of an Au Pair with real ‘derring do’, as my grandmum would call it. Courtesy of our own TakingAComputerLunch:


Crazy stuff always happens in our house, but because we have a child with special needs, sometimes it reaches fever pitch.

One morning AP #4 called me twice. First, she had accidentally pulled out the Mic-Key “button,” a brand of g-tube (feeding tube in the wall of the stomach). I calmly explained how to take a new “button” out and insert it successfully.

Ten minutes later she called me, because child #2 was screaming – his hamster was in a glue trap in the basement.

I quickly researched how to remove glue trap glue from a pet, and told her to use peanut butter (which she hated).

Later, I found the video online of her giving the hamster a peanut butter bath and wiping it down.


I wish we could see the video!  

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