Au Pair Appreciation: Our Feedback Really Matters

by cv harquail on March 9, 2014

Sometimes the posts on AuPairMom make it all the way around the world. Recently, one of the post for AuPair Appreciation Week showed up on the screen of the au pair it described. She writes back:

Oh Host Mom,   I am moved to tears,what a wonderful post about me!!  Thank you so much,this article really made my day!


I love to remember all the moments with the Kids and I wish I could visit you now to see how you all are doing!  It is quite a while since I have left you and so much happened meanwhile. I am sure they have both made a huge progress and have developed beautifully!  

Let me know when you are available for Skype;) I miss you all so much xoxo
Writes the Host Mom-– It has been such fun to send these posts to our APs and their parents – and so neat for them to see themselves celebrated publicly.


Has anyone else felt the happiness go full circle lately?


Image available on Etsy as a greeting card, from YellowCakeCards

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