Au Pair Appreciation: A positive spirit, no matter what

by cv harquail on May 7, 2009

International Au Pair Appreciation Week

As shared by a Host Mom

Ms. April is our fifth aupair, and third angel. I liked the experiences that were listed on her application and called her. We had a good conversation, but she didn’t think she could travel as quickly as we needed. When she had a chance to learn more about our family, talk with our first Chinese aupair, and talk with her own family, she was willing to change her plans about a very important test, so that she could join our family as soon as possible. The flexibility that she showed in that decision meant a lot to me, as flexibility is what keeps our boat afloat at home.

200905061625.jpg Ms. April has a very positive spirit, and has told me that she doesn’t expect life to just be “sweet” and that she learns good things from the sweet and not so sweet aspects of life. For example, our poor aupair stood for 12 hours on a train ride from her home to Beijing, to obtain a visa to join our family. I told her I hope we’re worth it, and we try to be worth it, everyday. Ms. April is always helping us, always offering to assist.

Once, April had a horrible day where she was locked out of our house without a phone, for the entire cold and rainy day. I could have cried when I understood what happened. I sent her upstairs for a warm bath, made her tea, and ordered Chinese food for her. After her bath, when all I wanted was for her to eat and relax, April was trying to dish up food for me.

Ms. April spends a lot of time with my daughters, when she isn’t working. She understands how to relate to both of my daughters, who are very different in their temperament. She often joins us when we gather with family, or do special activities on the weekend, and really likes talking to “Grandma”, my mom.

April is teaching me how to make dumplings, and as her mom tells her how to make something over the phone, we’ll tackle it! April has the most wonderful laugh, and is just a joy to our family! We’re so glad she chose us!

Jeana writes the lovely blog Twice Blessed China Mom , where she shares lovely insights about being a mom and enjoying the treasures life brings us.


MA HM May 8, 2009 at 6:58 am

Twice Blessed China Mom please tell us all your secret to choosing your Au Pairs!! What do you look for in an application/interview? How many candidates do you review for making your decision? I feel like you hold the Holy Grail for choosing wonderful Au Pairs!

PA au pair mom August 13, 2009 at 12:38 am

I am jealous. April sounds wonderful.

PNW-Mom December 27, 2009 at 12:59 am

Our Chinese au pair is not flexable at all. We intend to NEVER choose from China again because of her. What is your secret? Chinese language and culture was why we chose an au pair vs a US nanny. It is important to me for my children to be bilingual, and I am not. Our’s can say thank you so much, but expects to be waited on, we think she thought she would come to a rich american family and expected to have servants like he movies? We are begining the search for a replacement and need to know what to look for.

maleaupairmommy December 27, 2009 at 1:38 pm

I think you need to write a list of what is important. For me some of it’s dumb luck at that time we needed an infant qualifed au pair and I wanted one willing to take on special needs as we have mild special needs plus I feel an au pair willing to take care of a child with special needs has more patience and flexiability which we need lots of. I have learned or I shall see I want someone from a big family who has worked a job. My next one he comes in Feb and he is second youngest of four has had a job since he was 16 and understands or at least we talked about what we need from him. Luckily we communciate for a year I found him by accident on my agency facebook site so I knew welll ahead of time by the time we matched he was the one. I have had my last one for two years and he is the greatest but we have had rough patches during that time just gotta stick through the hard times, talk a lot, and also be patient with them. Our rough patch was at the begining when language was an issue and expecations from each of us were different than we thought. Just had a little rough patch but we talked it out and things are great he is really trying to end this experience on his top game and on a high note. Good luck it’s never easy.

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