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Out Overnight: Okay, or Not? (Poll)

by cv harquail December 28, 2009

On New Year’s Eve, we can expect that our off-duty au pairs may want to be out all night celebrating. And for one night a year (especially, when everyone else seems go be out celebrating) you might not have a problem with your au pair being gone overnight, even if she has to be on-duty […]

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Tips for Finding Great Stuff on AuPairMom

by cv harquail October 6, 2013

Welcome! AuPairMom is just stuffed with resources— so many, in fact, that they can be hard to find.  This is especially true if you’re new to reading blogs and don’t know the conventional places we’d put things. Getting Around the Blog Basic Introductory Information can be accessed by the “Navigation Bar” at the top. There’s […]

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Male Au Pairs: Not just for male host kids, by ReturningHM

by cv harquail December 16, 2014
just peeking

When ReturningHM offered to write a post about her experiences with male au pairs, I was delighted. Many new readers find AuPairMom by searching the term  ‘male au pair’. There simply isn’t that much information out there about the benefits and challenges of male au pairs vs female ones. Folks are curious about what it […]

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Can This Au Pair Relationship Be Saved? Real Concerns vs. Nitpicky Concerns

by cv harquail February 8, 2012

If only the distinction between “real concerns” and “nit-picky concerns” were clearcut, we’d never need to share ideas with each other! We all seem to face, at some point or another, that question: Am I being unreasonable, or are my concerns legit? We have to address this question before we take any action, like asking […]

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Establishing Expectations when an Au Pair Has Guests

by cv harquail November 30, 2011

There’s something about hosting a friend of relative of your au pair that can mess with the fine balance between “part of the family”&  “childcare provider” and between “host mom” and “house elf/slave”. For lots of us, we forget to check our assumptions about how we should act towards other people’s guests, how much of […]

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In Loco Parentis? Your Parental Responsibilities when your AP’s behavior challenges your values

by cv harquail June 1, 2010

As Host Parents, we have an odd role in our Au Pair’s lives. We are responsible for keeping them safe, housed, fed, and supported in their work with our children. And we also often play a role that I call Pseudo In Loco Parentis. Pseudo In Loco Parentis Like the fancy Latin? Years ago, women’s […]

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