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My Brother is Dating My Au Pair – Against My Wishes

by cv harquail June 15, 2015

Usually it helps to think about your Au Pair as ‘part of the family’. S/he lives with you, sees what’s behind the scenes, and knows some of your family drama.  Because we do integrate our Au Pairs into our family lives, situations come up that– were s/he a live-out nanny or part time babysitter — would […]

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Tips for Finding Great Stuff on AuPairMom

by cv harquail October 6, 2013

Welcome! AuPairMom is just stuffed with resources— so many, in fact, that they can be hard to find.  This is especially true if you’re new to reading blogs and don’t know the conventional places we’d put things. Getting Around the Blog Basic Introductory Information can be accessed by the “Navigation Bar” at the top. There’s […]

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How To Help Your Au Pair Create a Happy Social Life

by cv harquail February 14, 2013
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While we all want to avoid getting the “Party Girl” Au Pair or the “Frat Boy” Bro-Pair, we want our au pairs to establish their own happy social lives. And, when we parents are older, busy, and/or not-very-into-whatever, we don’t always have ways to help our au pairs use their off-duty time to build their […]

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Should we match with a friend of our current Au Pair?

by cv harquail September 13, 2010

Birds of a feather flock together, and often great au pairs have wonderful people as friends. When you have a terrific au pair whom you wish you could replicate, sometimes matching with his or her friend seems like the next best thing. Or is it? Host Mom Sandy D. asks: We are finishing up our […]

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