Today I got emails from two different au pairs, both asking for advice about going on vacations with their Host Families. In both situations, it seems that the Host Parents aren’t really following the rules around the 10 hours per day/ 45 hrs per week limits.

Scanning back through the archives, I realized that nearly all the posts I’ve written about managing vacations come from the Host Parents’ view — but what about from the Au Pair’s perspective?

Some time ago I wrote this list of 13 Tips for Vacationing With Your Au Pair, mostly to make sure the Host Mom got a legit vacation. I’ll repeat them here, and ask:

In addition to these 13 Tips, what should an Au Pair do, to make sure things stay sane and fair?

13 Tips For Host Parents Taking an Au Pair on Vacation With Them.

1. Be clear why you are taking your au pair.

Do you need her to provide childcare during the vacation? Wrangle one kid on the airplane? Speak Spanish to the tour guide? Are you worried that otherwise she’ll be lonely and feel abandoned in an empty house? Are you bringing her because you can afford to give her the treat of travel? Or, is it some combination of all of these?

2. Make sure that you communicate all of your expectations to your au pair.

3. Be clear even before you leave how much the au pair will be expected to work, and when you expect to need her to be on duty.

If you and your partner want a nice dinner out– tell your au pair beforehand so that she won’t assume she’ll have every evening free. [click to continue reading …]


New Au Pair Has A Rash: Could it be the water?

by cv harquail on August 1, 2017

Has this ever happened to you or your au pair?


Our au pair has been with us for a little over 2 weeks. She has a rash that has spread over her arms, trunk, and neck.

 She’s certain this is from our water.

This is our 8th au pair in as many years, and we’ve never had this challenge before.

All of our other au pairs have been from Europe, and this one is from Mexico.

Have other host families had au pairs that have contracted a rash?

I was thinking it might be our milk, not the water. She has tried her allergy medicine from home, but it isn’t working.

She is working with our area director to find out more about her insurance coverage and options so that she can see a physician (allergist or dermatologist).

I’d love to be able to help her on our end, especially if we can identify the actual source of the rash.   Any thoughts or ideas?

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Dear AuPairMoms —

We have an au pair who is done with her year.  She decided she wanted to do another year, but not with us.  (redacted/ edited at request of OP, on Aug 4)

21044860080_29118d44bc_mShe found a match, but the new family doesn’t want her to arrive immediately after her contract with us ends.  So, the Agency asked if she could stay with us for an extra week or two or three.

I don’t want an open ended situation with a “soft” ending. And, I don’t want to wait ’till whenever the other family is ready.

My question is: What’s our obligation to continue to house/feed/provide phone and car for her after the completion of her year?

I saw on line that an au pair cannot be “evicted” but I don’t know what my obligations and expectations are at the end of a contract.


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Explaining “America” to Your Au Pair

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